Will Invisalign Hurt?

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“Paying” will be another Blog post so let’s focus on the “Pain” question that so many people have when considering Invisalign.  Having been a dental office manager for 5+ years and actually being an Invisalign patient 2 times over, I feel that I can express a valuable optinion based on education and experience.

First of all, Invisalign has spent the most R&D dollars (Research & Development) for their proprietary materials, technology, and systematic approach out of any other “Clear Aligner” company on the market today.  This directly translates into faster treatment, less pain, and better results.  Customer service, warranties, replacements, payment plans, etc. are all other great reasons to go with Invisalign.

Having had traditional braces when I was in college and finally entrusting Invisalign at the age of 25, I can honestly tell you that invisalign was way more comforting, both mentally and physically.  Metal strips, tightening tools, attachments, and the fear of all those being twisted in your mouth is enough anxiety to kill a small horse.  I hated it!!!  As for Invisalign, when you go in for your first visit, the dentist is able to trim the trays as needed, outside of your mouth, to nestle around your gums comfortably so there isn’t any initial discomfort.  I requested this and it was easy as pie.  The only discomfort I felt with Invisalign is during the first 2 tray period (about 2-4 weeks.  Your teeth aren’t use to moving so there will be some discomfort (sore feeling); nothing a couple of advil or ibuprofen can’t fix.  After the first 2 trays, my teeth were use to the movement and I didn’t feel a thing.  My treatment was 19 trays total, or about 9 months.  Oh, I almost forgot, I am also a “Grinder”.  Wearing my trays actually eliminated the pain associated with this and slowly helped me stop my grinding.  This was an unexpected miracle that seems to happen to most people who started Invisalign.

I found also that more compliant patients, (those that wore their aligners like they were suppose to) didn’t need to see the dentist as often to track the progress.  This is how precise Invisalign is.  Of course, this depends on the patient, the dentist, the treatment, etc. etc.  All in all, I would rate the discomfort a (3 or 4 out of a 10) for the first 2 weeks.  Sinus Surgery being a 10, a dental cleaning being a 1.

For best results, choose Invisalign, Listen to your Dentist, and Be Compliant!  It was one of the best life choices I could have made.  Straight teeth can change your entire course for better opportunities, better relationships, and a healthier life.