Dentistry: From Scary To Merry!

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Don’t Be Scared of Dentistry and Overall Health!

You are In Control!

Oral Disease affects 44% of the worlds population (3.9 billion people) while SEVERE Periodontal Disease affects about 20% of middle-aged adults (35-44 years old).  90% of school children and 100% of adults have some form of tooth decay.                      

The list of SCARY statistics are endless.  This next statistic is the worst for Americans because it hurts the most “at the wallet”.  In the USA alone, $110 billion is spent yearly on oral healthcare.  If there are 220 million people in the USA on average, aged 18+ (estimation), then the cost per person = $500/year.

If a person lives to the average life expectancy in USA of 80 years old, that makes the Lifetime Cost of Dentistry = ((80 – 18) x $500) = $31,000

Not only does the cost of dentistry hurt, but when the infections caused by periodontal disease enter your bloodstream through your “bleeding, infected gums”, people are exponentially at high risk of (HEART ATTACK, STROKE, Diabetes, Heart and Kidney Disease, Alzheimer’s, Asthma, Osteoporosis, and Cancer).  Ongoing research is constantly linking more issues to this problem such as (Anxiety, Depression, Disfigurement, Acute and Chronic infections, Eating and Sleep Disruption, and can result in an Impaired Quality of Life).  By routinely visiting your Dentist during the various stages of your oral development can substantially add years to your life and money in your bank account.  The number 1 concern for Americans is how their confidence level relates directly to their success level in life and the relationships they make.

The number 1 culprit of tooth decay and gum disease, aside from not visiting your dentist routinely, is SUGAR CONSUMPTION!  Americans especially fall victim to bathing their teeth in sugary drinks such as (Colas, Coffee Drinks, Fruit Drinks, Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks, and Alcaholic Beverages).  It can be considered the worst type of diet to be on, yet almost all of us are guilty of these inconsidered pleasures.  It may seem that every time you go to your Dentist, and also one of the main reasons people avoid them, is because they see that you are not brushing, flossing, and rinsing as recommended, and you are afraid of the “fear-striking” feedback and “guilt-trip” that is innevitably about to ensue.

Fortunately, even with the slight application of genetic presuposition, which can be unfolded with newer technology, such as ORAL DNA TESTING (ask your dentist), Dentistry is very predictable and preventable.  The worst statistic a dental patient can succome to is their thought that dentistry is expensive “Now”, in the “Present”.  The TRUTH is that this “Preventable Dentistry” is CHEAP, (especially because most dental insurances cover most of it), it’s the “Recovery Dentistry”, in the “Future” that is Painfully Expensive; (dental insurance phases out at this point and very little is coverd).

It’s as simple as sticking to your dental schedule and listening to your dentist’s recommendations; they are your friend, your oral-health guardian angel, and your overall health coach.  Have faith that their knowledgable care is the right path for you to better yourself in all aspects of your life.  It is no coincidence that the word “Happiness” is what describes a big, bright smile on the face of a commited, disciplines dental patient.