Dental Offices Have Your “Plaque” During COVID Season!!!

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“Cometh the hour, cometh the Dentist” – William Shakes-Fear

William just finished his Dental Appointment at 601 Dental Studio, P.A. on August 20, 2020 with a feeling of serenity and confidence.  He’s extremely happy that he didn’t cancel because the next thing worse than Covid-19, was the “gross sticky residue build-up feeling” in his mouth from months of being in quarantine.  He could literally feel the plaque build-up and layers of bacteria that had formed due to the absence of routinely seeing his dentist.  His gums were starting to bleed and his teeth were stained due to the bad habits accumulated from working at home.  A slight pain in his molar was starting to creep up.

Luckily for William, he called his Dental Office and they instilled a new level of clarity and optimism into the safety of his visit.  William was able to “Shake his Fear” because he now knew that his dental office “Had His Plaque” at all costs!

Like William, so many loyal dental patients are suffering with their oral health because of uneducated, propogated assumptions about the Dental Office Atmosphere and the risk of COVID-19.  The Truth of the Matter is, that for a Dentist who is deeply educated in areas such as Micro-Biology, and other areas of Molecular Science, it would be counterintuitive to think that Dentists aren’t at the highest level of preperation during a time of widespread speculation about how to stop the spread of a new virus.

Dentists alone wouldn’t even think about returning to work if they weren’t convinced that the spread of COVID-19 couldn’t be contained and controlled for the safety of their staff and patients.  This is the moment William decided he could TRUST his Dentist and the Protocols that they put in place.  601 Dental Studio, P.A. took the time to explain to William that he would be Isolated from Airborne Arisol Particals and Physical Contact throughout the entire process of his visit.  This meant being shielded and singled-out during “Check-In”, isolated and controlled while in the dental chair, and strategically “hands-off” during Checkout Procedures.

Dentists also realize that their services are essential to their society and if optimal standards are not established, fearful patients will either avoid their oral health, or try to remedy things themselves from Dr. Google.  Both are extremely risky and terrible ideas.  This is another reason William didn’t cancel his dental visit; he realized that if he waited any logner, the cost to fix all of his dental issues would be “Through the Roof”. 

From a pure business standpoint, and at the benefit of both the office and the patient, a Dentist realizes that it is always financially prudent to control smaller dental issues in smaller increments of time than create a scenario that would prolong a visit and having to fix larger, more costly items later on.  This is the Gold Standard in Dentistry – To Sincerely and Compassionately Protect The Health and Financial Basis For All Patients.

As William checked out of his visit, he smiled knowing that 601 Dental Studio, P.A. has been open during the Covid Season and that they gave him their full efforts and attention to ensure his safety during his visit.  He’s glad his skepticisms were reassured.