601 Dental Studio: Introducing iTero Scanning Technology

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“Say Goodbye To GOOP” once and for all!

Being a loyal Invisalign advocate and premier provider of clear aligner therapy since 2002, Dr. Nadja A Horst has never been happier to introduce the cutting edge iTero Machine into her practice, 601 Dental Studio located in Pembroke Pines, FL.  This technology encompasses so many patient and practice advantages that it is difficult to cover it all.

The iTero Machine’s major contribution to technological advances in dental medicine have major implications for the patients “time” and “comfort level”.  All the talk these days is about “same day dentistry”.  The iTero machine is a digital impression scanner that uses a handheld wand, used by a dental assistant, to chart the topography of patients teeth onto a computer.  This can all happen within a matter of seconds.  Once the digital file is saved, it can then be sent directly to a lab, to an in-house milling machine, or a 3D printer where most dental appliances and tooth structures can be made and delivered to the patient in the same day.  Some examples include Night Guards, Retianers, Crowns, Dentures, and Implant Guides just to name a few.  Its significance to the world of dentistry is nothing short of Paradigm.  Dr. Nadja Horst is proud to pioneer the advancement of this new dental technology to all of her patients.

A patients’ comfort level is equally as important as their time, if not more of a dental anxiety factor.  Can you imagine going to your dentist for a nightguard, crown, invisalign treatment, or other procedure that traditionally would require shoving that tray full of GOOP in your mouth for minutes while it slowly drains down your throat and come to find that it isn’t necessary any more?  Well, here we are, NO MORE GOOP IMPRESSIONS!  The iTero uses its proprietary “wand” technology that is less debilitating with its touchless rapid light scanning technique that doesn’t require any impression molding materials.  No chlostrophobia, no choking, no sore gums, and definitely no more “trial and error” dental impressions. Once scanned, it can be stored indefinitely in the Cloud, or other online digital storage where a patient and their doctor has access whenever they please.  This is also great for being able to track a patients oral history and progress throughout their oral career.

Although a hefty initial investment for the Doctor, the savings over time in materials, clinical accuracy, and turnaround time can eventually add value back to the patients pockets.  On average, it is said that practices that have the iTero machine and other technologies run more promotions throughout the year than offices that use traditional methods of dentistry.  So not only can the patient save more money in the long run, they also save on time with optional “same day dentistry”, reap the benefits of a more precise technology for longer lasting dentistry, and experience less discomfort with impressionless digital scans.  On many levels, this is a Win, Win, Win for everyone!  

We are overjoyed for this opportunity to be able to offer this new capability to all our great patients who are deserving of great dental experiences each and every time they come to the office.  The end goal is for all of us to grow and progress in a more advanced way of living our lives.